Per our events page, the initiative has partnered with Improper City in RiNo to host a fundraiser to raise the majority of funds for our effort of reforestation.  To help us meet our goal to fund the acquisition of at least 1000 seedlings, RSVP to Art After Dark on April 1st and take advantage of a free art event. In addition to actual donations during our fundraiser, follow us on our IG and help us promote the event to a large audience. 


Through our fundraising efforts we will coordinate with the Colorado State Forest Service to detail a plan to purchase seedlings and plant them at a time and manner that bests guarantees their survival. To accomplish this, we will need help from passionate individuals looking to give back to their community and state. If interested, please contact us through IG or email and we will add your contact to a list which we will send the logistics as they develop.


As we are a new group, we are not an official tax deductible organization and therefore have limited ways to donate. 


In Person

Attend the Art After Dark event at Improper City and give in person. This will be an open/free event with various drink sales contributing to our efforts as well as the proceeds for a raffle we plan to host. 

3201 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

Via Venmo - @TheInitiativeDenver

Click the vector wallet above to follow link to our Venmo or scan the following QR code