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Art After Dark Lineup

Updated: Mar 14

Riyah Thor

Riyah is a local artist and life coach based in Boulder CO who specializes in acrylic on canvas and watercolor/pen on paper.


Instagram: @riyahroar


Robin Hextrum

Robin is a contemporary oil painter who is based in the Denver area and originally from Stinson Beach Northern California. With a focus and passion for the natural environment, Robin's pieces aim to explore the tensions between the natural and constructed world.


Instagram: @robinhextrum


Faith Williams Dyrsten

Faith is a Colorado native who has been producing and making art her whole life. Her work typically includes a variety of layers and materials combined with elements of realism.


Instagram: @faithwilliamsart


Shaylen Broughton

"Through Abstract expression, she works to connect with the flow of life; delving deep into black bottom oceans; ascending curiously towards infinite stars, and ultimately discovering the divinity within ourselves. Her art is simply the all-encompassing Mother Nature, emerging through her fingertips."


Instagram: @sabartstudio


Melanie Damore

Melanie is the creative director of the Lorax Initiative and a participating artist for Art After Dark who specializes in oil, watercolor and or the use of charcoal. "Nature inspires everything I create. I am so excited to work with other artists to protect it."

Instagram: @melaniedamore_art


Dan Mills

Dan is a local artist originally from Oakland California and grew up as a "military brat" affording him ample opportunity to travel to different regions. From his travels he has begun to focus his art and time on the outdoors.

Instagram: @danimaldan182


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